B.A. in Language for Careers (International Program)


Our program offers TWO interesting tracks including Language for Digital Business and Language for Hospitality Management. Students are encouraged to study abroad, and they will receive transfer credit for the courses taken on study abroad programs. Moreover, they are also encouraged to study one of the third languages; Chinese, Japanese, or German in the target language countries provided through collaborations between Srinakharinwirot University and our MOUs and academic collaboration with well-known Universities in North America.

Program Philosophy

“World-class competence in languages, careers and integrity”


Expected Learning Outcomes (ELOs)

1. To Communicate in daily life and at work effectively.

2. To Acquire knowledge and skills in business and hospitality.

3. To Acquire IT skills.

4. To Become a good citizen of the country and the world.


Total Credits Requirements

The Bachelor of Arts program in Language for Careers (international program) requires a minimum of 126 credits for Curriculum 2014 and 132 credits for Curriculum 2019.


Curriculum Structure 

(TQF2 2014) / (TQF2 2019)



         Credits (2014)

          Credits (2019)

4. Free Electives 2014,  2019

6 Credits

6  Credits




1. General Education Courses 2014 , 2019

  30  Credits

  30  Credits

2. Major Courses 2014 , 2019

  72  Credits

  78 Credits

3. Minor Courses 20142019

  18  Credits

  18  Credits


  • Year 1           General education courses
  • Year 2&4    Major courses, elective major courses, minor language courses and free elective courses
  • Year 4          3-month internships domestically or internationally

The Bachelor of Arts program in Language for Careers (International Program) requires a minimum of 132 credits: General Education at least 30, Major courses at least 78, Minor courses at least 18, and free elective courses at least 6.

For elective major courses, we offer 2 major tracks for you to choose, as follows:

  • Language for Digital Business (Language for Digital Business Information Management, Language for Finance, Digital Media Content Writing for Business, etc.)
  • Language for Hospitality Management (Language for Airline Business, Language for MICE Management, Language for Public Relations in Service Industry, etc.)

The program encourages students to study their majors and their third languages abroad provided through collaborations between Srinakharinwirot University and our MOUs.

  1. Juniata College, The United States of America
  2. Illinois State University, The United States of America
  3. University of Alberta, Canada
  4. University of Queensland, Australia
  5. University of Canberra, Australia
  6. School of Information and Communication, Meiji University, Japan
  7. Pusan University of Foreign Studies, Republic of Korea

Pending Future Collaboration: Portland State University, University of British Columbia, other well-known State
Universities in California, New York and Massachusetts.

Plan of Study

Plan for track I: Language for Digital Business

Plan for track II: Language for Hospitality Management