Grant & Scholarship

Language for Careers (International Program)

‘Short Term Studying Abroad Program Scholarship’ Scholarship

Our program offers a scholarship to our undergraduate students in LCI Program every year. In 2016, we granted a scholarship more than 60,000 Baht to our first freshmen LCI Program for the first time. The scholarship is entitled “Short Term Studying Abroad Program” and students will study English and Business English at Saint George International College, Vancouver Campus, Canada for 3 weeks.

Budget allocation: xx,xxx Baht
Students pay one-third of the expense.

Eligibility Requirements

Must be an undergraduate student in Language for Careers (International Program)
Minimum of 3.0 GPA
Have a good behavior, attend university activities regularly, exhibit civic mindedness, and have a good attitude towards the Program and the Department.
Regulations for Recipients of Scholarship

Recipients must assist the Department in Public Relations Sector about the curriculum and other duty as required by the Department.

Unless recipients complete the English course as stated in regulations, the Department will decide to terminate their scholarships.