The Student Compliant Procedure

Student Appeals, Complaints, and Grievances Procedure

The purpose of this information is to outline avenues by which students may make appeals or lodge complaints or grievances within the program.

In general, for issues about grades, exam procedures, excused absences, class policies, and so on, students should directly contact the instructor/faculty member of their class. Each instructor has the primary authority and responsibility in all these areas and is charged with carrying out those responsibilities in a professional manner. If reasonable and appropriate, students should begin with the individual faculty person to discuss and resolve the problem together, if possible.

If contact with the instructor does not prove satisfactory, the student can then reach out to their student advisor. If this too does not prove satisfactory, the student should begin the process of completing a Student Complaint Form and submit it to the program chair.

If, for whatever reason, a student does not want to personally or directly contact an instructor or staff member to discuss a complaint or grievance, for example issues about faculty performance or faculty behavior, the student should begin with the next highest level of responsibility, which would commonly be the director of the center for international studies.

The following outline will give students a clear idea of the chain of contact for student issues:

  1. The student directly contacts the individual instructor for issues about grades, exam procedures, excused absences, class policies, and so on.
  2. If contact with the instructor prove unsatisfactory, the student discusses the problem with his/her academic advisor either by e-mail, phone, or face-to-face.
  3. The advisor tries to resolve the problem in a straightforward, reasonable and prompt manner.
  4. If attempts to resolve the problem informally have not been successful, the student has to complete a Student Complaints Form and submit it to the program chair for a written record. The Student Complaints Form can be downloaded here:
    Student Complaint Form
  5. To resolve the problem, the student may be called for an interview about his/her complaint by the program chair.
  6. If the chair is unable to resolve the problem, they will bring the problem to the department head.
  7. The department head takes a prompt action by raising the issue in the agenda meeting for the executive board to handle the petition. Investigation from both parties must be done in order to resolve the problem.
  8. The programs will issue a response to the student’s complaint (normally within 2 weeks of the hearing).
  9. In case the student still has a complaint, the problem will have to go to the dean along with written evidence.