Renowned CEO Inspires Language for Careers Students with Invaluable Insights

The Language for Careers (International Program) at the Faculty of Humanities recently hosted a remarkable event that left LCI students inspired and motivated. The hybrid CEO TALK seminar, titled ‘Fruit for Endeavors: Young Passion & Future Talent,’ featured Mr. Apichat Leenutaphong, the esteemed CEO of Renazzo Motor Co., Ltd., the sole authorized dealer of Lamborghini in Thailand.

Mr. Apichat graced the occasion as a guest speaker, sharing his invaluable experiences on developing crucial life attributes and acquiring essential future skills. During the talk, he presented a wealth of great ideas, including strategies for setting valuable work and life goals, cultivating a Growth Mindset for success, and establishing a strong “personal branding.” He emphasized the significance of work-life integration, shedding light on its immense value.

LCI students expressed their heartfelt appreciation for Mr. Apichat Leenutaphong, acknowledging his generosity in providing knowledge and sharing valuable experiences. The event took place on April 26th, 2023, from 13:00 to 15:00 hrs., at the prestigious Buasri Lecture Theatre, located on the 11th floor of the Professor Dr. Saroj Buasri Innovation Building, Building 34.

A big round of applause was given to the dedicated organizing team, comprising representatives of the LCI 3rd-year students, for orchestrating such a special and impactful event. The seminar served as a catalyst for the students’ personal and professional growth, leaving a lasting impression on their journey to success.