Team LCI at the “Fun English Festival” at Rajamangala University of Technology

Students from the Language for Careers (International Program) participated in the third “Fun English Festival” at Rajamangala University of Technology Borphitphimuk Campus on February 14, 2018. All LCI members performed very well in several competitions at the festival.  Our students, Mr. Nattadon Thanabawornviroj won third prize in the spelling bee contest.   Our LCI team 1,  composed of Ms. Samita Wongpudpad and Ms. Sutatta Damrongkadeerat won the Honorable mention award, LCI team 2, composed of Mr. Mechakhan Hamdelee and Mr. Thanon Pathanajutha, won third place in the ‘Hot News’ competition.  For those who did not win anything, this was still such a memorable and valuable experience for all of you.  We are so proud of you all.